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Florida Senior Neglect Attorneys

Nursing home neglect can reduce the quality of life for senior citizens and result in serious health problems. Weight loss, malnourishment, and unsanitary conditions can result in worsened health prognoses and the exacerbation of preexisting medical conditions. Severe neglect can cause premature death.

Neglect can take the form of malnutrition or dehydration, preventable injuries such as bedsores, dangerous premises, wandering and elopement, infections, poor resident hygiene, medical neglect, and emotional or social neglect.

As soon as you suspect nursing home neglect, contact the attorneys at Freedland Harwin Valori, PL. We can put an end to neglect and help your family recover compensation from the at-fault facility or individual.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect and abuse often go unreported. Elderly victims are often too incapacitated or afraid to report neglect. Others don’t realize they are victims of neglect until it’s too late. It’s often up to the loved ones of nursing home residents in Florida to notice and put an end to nursing home neglect. Paying regular visits to the facility and observing its staff members and management style can help you detect negligence in its earliest stage. Look for the following signs that a nursing home is guilty of negligent resident care:

  • Unsanitary or unsafe premises. Look for premises hazards such as slippery floors or lack of a gate or lock to keep residents in, as well as signs of neglect such as dirty rooms, poor personal hygiene, soiled clothing or bedding, dirty adult diapers, lack of hand-washing, and inadequate food and fluids. Nursing homes must keep the environment safe, clean, and secure at all times for the health of residents.
  • Physical signs of neglect. Neglect can look like many different things, depending on the resident and the situation. In general, an unkempt appearance, frequent injuries or illnesses, malnutrition, and immobility can point to nursing home neglect. The staff should be helping residents move around and exercise, stay clean and orderly, and stay healthy with proper nutrition.
  • Emotional/behavioral signs of neglect. Take notice of how nursing home residents act, feel, and behave. Neglect can cause emotional and psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, mood swings, irritability, confusion, disorientation, and withdrawal. If you notice a loved one becoming distant, angry, or resentful, consider whether neglect is playing a role.

Neglect can take a physical, mental, and psychosocial toll on nursing home residents. It can reduce quality of life, cause unexplained injuries, lead to chronic illness or infections, even result in wrongful death. If you notice any red flags for nursing home neglect where your loved one resides, take immediate action. Remove the senior from the facility and take him or her to a safe location. Notify nursing home authorities or the police, if necessary. Then, call an attorney.

Stand Up for Elderly Rights With Our Assistance

The nursing home neglect lawyers at Freedland Harwin Valori, PL, have what it takes to bring negligent and careless long-term care facilities to justice in Florida. We have the experience in and out of the courtroom to maximize your odds of a successful claim, as well as the compassion to help your family in a time of need. We know how harmful nursing home neglect can be to victims and their loved ones. It is our mission to put an end to neglect and abuse in Florida’s nursing homes and to secure fair recovery for victims. Learn more during a free consultation with one of our passionate lawyers.

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