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About NICA, Florida’s Birth Injury Fund

Florida has established a program to compensate families with children who suffer certain birth injuries. The Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Act, or NICA, was enacted to assist families with their child’s future medical needs and compensate for other losses. It is a no-fault program, so parents do not have to establish that the medical […]

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Florida’s ‘Free Kill’ Law

Florida’s “free kill law,” as critics call it, prevents adult children and parents of adult children (25 and older) from pursuing certain damages for the wrongful deaths of their loved ones from medical malpractice. Despite ongoing attempts to reform this statute, Florida effectively denies certain family members the right to seek accountability and compensation for

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Attorney Explains the Risks Associated With Surgery

Surgical complications are common, and in many cases, they are normal outcomes of certain medical procedures. Sometimes, even the most severe surgery complications occur when doctors and hospital staff do their jobs properly. In other cases, though, the risks of surgery are heightened due to negligence by medical professionals. When negligence leads to surgery complications,

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