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Freedland Harwin Valori, PL has handled many medical malpractice claims in which radiology errors caused or contributed to harmful failures to diagnose serious conditions.  Radiology errors can range from misinterpreting tests to miscommunicating results. If a radiology mistake led to you or a loved one’s injury or wrongful death, talk to our attorneys. We can investigate your case, determine whether negligence was a factor, identify defendant(s), and help you file a claim as quickly as possible.

The Role of Radiology in Diagnosing a Condition

A radiology center specializes in medical imaging techniques that help patients get a diagnosis in terms of what might be causing symptoms. Radiologists use x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), computed tomography (CT) scans, positron emission tomography (PET) scans, fusion imaging, ultrasounds, and other scanning technologies to see images of what’s going on inside a patient’s body. Doctors rely on radiologists to correctly conduct tests, interpret results, and store patient information in a way that will help achieve an accurate diagnosis.

The diagnosis of many serious injuries and illnesses can be assisted by radiology form. Breast cancer, lung cancer, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, strokes, heart attacks, spinal cord injuries, and a long list of other life-threatening problems will all go through radiology before a physician can give a certain diagnosis. It’s critical for a doctor to order the correct kinds of scans and images and for radiology to conduct them correctly. When errors occur within a radiology center, a delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose can follow.

Common Radiology Errors

The most common type of radiology error that results in failure to diagnose is when a radiologist or doctor misses the issue on a scan. Patients might assume that radiologists and physicians take their time carefully scanning medical images in search for signs of trouble.  This is usually; but,  not always the case. Many medical professionals have enormous workloads and are under too much pressure to have the time to thoroughly review every scan. If the issue isn’t obvious on the scans, a busy or rushed doctor could easily overlook it and fail to make a correct diagnosis.

Early detection is critical in the majority of life-threatening injuries, illnesses, and diseases. Seeing the earliest signs of a problem in medical scans, however, takes a careful eye for detail. A busy caseload is not a good enough reason for a radiologist or doctor to overlook red flags for health problems. Missing a sign of something wrong is a type of medical malpractice that could result in a lawsuit if it causes harm to the patient. At Freedland Harwin Valori, PL we can investigate your case and see if this is what occurred in your situation.

Other failure to diagnose cases relate back to radiology errors such as distracted physicians, improper scanning techniques, equipment malfunctions, perceptual errors, reader fatigue, or an event such as mixing up patient scans. To learn your rights to a lawsuit in Florida, contact us to request a case evaluation.

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