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One of the most dangerous types of medication errors is an overdose. If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one because of a medication overdose, seek help from Freedland Harwin Valori Gander. We can help you explore whether a physician, nurse, pharmacy, or pharmaceutical company is liable for your damages. In Florida, a successful medical malpractice lawsuit could end in payment for your overdose-related medical treatments, lost wages, loss of consortium, physical pain, and emotional suffering. Contact us to learn more about your individual claim.

How to Medication Overdose Errors Happen?

Hospitals should be the safest possible places for patients, just as prescriptions from doctors should always be the correct type and dosage. Unfortunately, patients in Florida and throughout the U.S. can’t always take this for granted. According to a 2016 study, more than 3.5 million doctor’s appointments and one million emergency room visits happen each year because of adverse drug events.

Medication overdose errors can happen at several points throughout the patient journey, including:

  • Drug manufacturer using the wrong recipe or mislabeling a product
  • A doctor writing a prescription for the wrong drug or dosage
  • Doctor failing to prevent an adverse drug interaction with something the patient is already taking
  • A nurse or pharmacy misreading the prescription
  • Pharmacy mislabeling or incorrectly filing a prescription
  • Nurse administering too much of a drug
  • Drug administration machine malfunction
  • An anesthesiologist giving too much anesthesia during a surgery

Preventable medication mistakes, including overdose, impact in excess of seven million patients in the U.S. annually. The drug that caused an overdose could have come from a doctor, hospital, nurse, anesthesiologist, or pharmacist. It is possible to bring lawsuits against one, two, or all of these parties in Florida in pursuit of damages. The success of your medical malpractice claim will depend upon your ability to prove negligence.  You need a lawyer to ensure it is done correctly.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You Prove a Med Mal Claim

It is never a good idea in complex medical malpractice claims for people to represent themselves. Choosing not to hire an attorney can make it extremely difficult to file and prove your claim, as well as negotiate a fair settlement from a hospital or pharmacy’s insurance company. Instead of making the claims process more difficult than it has to be, contact the Florida medical malpractice attorneys at Freedland Harwin Valori, PL. We have years of experience and proven results that can give you peace of mind even in the most complicated overdose lawsuits.

We can help you with the four elements of a claim:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care.
  • The defendant breached his/her/its duty of care.
  • The breach of duty caused the medication overdose.
  • The plaintiff suffered damages as a result of the overdose.

Throughout the course of our representation, our team can investigate the cause of the medication mistake, interview witnesses, hire experts, access electronic medical records, and gather any existing evidence of malpractice. We will speak directly with major insurance companies on your behalf, negotiating higher settlements or taking your claim to trial if necessary for better results. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling medication error claims and going up against some of the most well-known pharmaceutical companies in the country. Contact us online or at (954) 467-6400 to discuss the future of your claim today.


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