Freedland Harwin Valori Gander Editorial Guidelines

The website of Freedland Harwin Valori Gander provides high-quality resources for people seeking knowledge in medical malpractice, serious personal injury, and consumer justice litigation.

Experienced Legal Professionals

The content published across the Freedland Harwin Valori Gander website is held to the highest standards of integrity. In alignment with these standards, the content has been thoroughly investigated and approved by the highly specialized, relevant attorneys working within the firm.

We are veterans in the fight for justice. For the past 2 decades, our firm has been working hard to successfully recover hundreds of millions of dollars for our injured clients and their families. As of 2023, we have recovered over $2.6 billion in verdicts and settlements. Every one of those dollars has made a real difference in our clients’ lives. Our firm has repeatedly proven that obtaining maximum results for injured clients doesn’t depend on the size of the law firm; rather, it depends on the skills, experience, and dedication of the lawyers handling the case.

Since 2001, our firm has concentrated on building a strong reputation as passionate,  intelligent legal advocates. FHVG was founded by Michael Freedland,  who wanted to provide high-quality legal representation to those in our community and throughout Florida. Our expert legal team offers a vast range of litigation experience encompassing every facet of personal injury law, with special attention given to personal injury connected to instances of medical malpractice. We have collectively advocated on behalf of clients who have endured nearly every form of injury stemming from an act of negligence  in which a third-party entity bears all or some liability. We are honored to represent those who need our help.

For our attorneys and legal assistants, each case is a deeply personal story. We seek to provide the compassion and individual attention that every client deserves. This dedication continues to contribute to an astounding 95% success rate, made all the more impressive by the fact the team has represented thousands of men, women, and children through some of the most difficult times of their lives. The four partners in particular have supported this high standard of legal expertise that is expected from our firm’s advocates. In addition to the years of specialized experience and celebrated verdicts, many of the individual attorneys within FHVG have received both statewide and national recognition for their commitment to consumer justice.

All of the content on this website is legally reviewed by the four partners, all of whom are exceptionally knowledgeable personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers and empathetic client advocates. The attorneys performing content review rely on their own years of hands-on legal practice together with the expert knowledge of colleagues. You will notice these experiences have been consolidated to support the core content themes spread throughout the website. In addition to available resources we use for reference, our team turns to outside archives and tools, such as LexisNexis, and national and international media outlets, for supporting evidence.

As a prominent presence in the Florida medical malpractice and catastrophic injury scene, the four named partners are all actively engaged in the everyday operations at Freedland Harwin Valori Gander. This involves constructing the firm’s digital presence, particularly when it comes to strengthening our website.

Contributor Credentials

The four partners who support digital content review were chosen for their legal writing skills and high level of dedication to the fight for justice. Everyone listed below has consciously made the choice to dedicate their lives and professional practices to advocating for victims of negligence.

Michael Freedland, Esq. is the founding partner of the firm as well as the lead investigator into the veracity of the content that is published across the website. He earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Miami and is admitted to the Florida bar. He has focused on medical malpractice, pharmaceutical liability, product liability, and serious motor vehicle accidents throughout his highly acclaimed legal career. He first built a name for himself in the personal injury scene as one of the first attorneys to file litigation related to Phen-Fen, a popular weight loss drug with adverse side effects. In addition, he is actively involved with various organizations that lobby for stronger consumer laws. He is driven by empathy overall, and brings vision and conviction to every case he handles. Michael is a member of various professional organizations, including the following: Florida Justice Association, American Association for Justice, Broward County Justice Association, and the Florida Bar Grievance Committee.

Attorney Daniel Harwin is a named partner of the firm. Dan earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Miami and has been deeply committed to the area of personal injury law since graduation. He is a member of the Florida Bar and has also been admitted to the U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida. Dan’s specialized legal knowledge has grown from direct experience defending physicians and their insurance companies, which gave him unequivocal insight into how the medical sector operates in instances of malpractice. As a stalwart consumer advocate, he has become a force in medical malpractice, personal injury, pharmaceutical liability, and even nursing home and assisted living neglect and abuse claims. Attorney Harwin has been recognized as a Super Lawyer since 2009. Dan is involved with professional organizations that fight for consumer justice, including the following: Florida Justice Association’s Medical Malpractice Committee, American Association of Justice Birth Trauma Litigation Group, and the Broward County Justice Association.

Attorney Raymond Valori is a named partner of the firm and the resident expert on catastrophic personal injury litigation. He has worked across complex cases involving mass torts, class actions, dangerous drugs, medical devices, and product liability. He is a member of the Florida Bar, Dade County Bar, Federal Bars of Southern and Middle Districts of Florida, and the Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Ray has become a recognizable face in the class action space  as his specialized knowledge continues to achieve record-setting settlements for clients. Ray has tenaciously advocated protecting consumers through medical monitoring after being exposed to toxic chemicals, even serving as trial and appellate counsel in the case of Petito v. A.H. Robins. He vigorously reviews website content relating to product liability, mass torts, and class actions in order to seek out and amend any inaccuracies. He is an active trial lawyer and is involved with the following organizations: the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Attorney Deborah J. Gander is the newest named partner of the firm. She has been a welcome addition, bringing in a wealth of knowledge in medical malpractice to support ongoing and future client cases. Deborah attained her Juris Doctor from the University of Miami. She is licensed to practice law in Florida and has been board-certified as a Civil Trial Lawyer. She has successfully obtained  over $100 million in damages in cases and settlements on behalf of clients. Throughout her career, she has been positively ranked by the following organizations: Daily Business Review, Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyer, American’s Top 100 Attorneys Lifetime Achievement Award, and has also been AV-Rated by Martindale-Hubbel for over 25 years, a distinction determined by her peers. She is involved with the following organizations: American College of Trial Lawyers, American Board of Trial Advocates, Florida Justice Association, Martin-Hubbel Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers, and the Florida Association of Women Lawyers. Deborah is proud to be a voice for victims and continues to play an integral role in convincing major insurance companies to pay out reasonable settlements.

Community Interest

In addition to the law firm’s successful growth in the personal injury and medical malpractice industry, FHVG Legal has dedicated its vast resources to becoming a notable contributor to our served communities.

The law firm, as a whole, is committed to supporting people in need. This dedication expands both inside and outside of the courtroom. Every day, the Freedland Harwin Valori Gander attorneys take steps to engage in the local communities and make an impact. As of 2023, we’re actively involved in giving back to more than 35 businesses around their local community. We act on our beliefs in the form of financial support as well as the donation of our attorneys’ time.

Our firm is a regular sponsor for the Rotary Club of Weston’s annual charity golf tournament, which raises tens of thousands of dollars each year for college scholarships.The attorneys and legal staff also donate time and money to the annual Broward County Harvest Drive, which provides food for families during the Thanksgiving holidays.


Freedland Harwin Valori Gander wants to provide readers with essential information that is accurate, relevant, and helpful when it comes to understanding and making decisions about personal injury, medical malpractice, and consumer justice law.

The purpose of this website is to inform. Personal injury situations involve unavoidable periods of confusion and discomfort. We want to help our clients as much as possible during their unique journey, and as such, all website content is written with this in mind.

Medical malpractice, in particular, is an intimidating topic for most of the American public, and it’s no wonder. Hospitals and insurance companies have seemingly endless resources at their disposal. When you or a loved one is hurt because of a doctor’s mistake, those governing entities will use all resources to minimize their financial liability.

We conform to ethical journalism practices. The entire website and its separate articles have been objectively verified. cites only trustworthy, identifiable sources of nonpartisan, open-minded information, which readers will find linked to within the content.


Freedland Harwin Valori Gander’s objective is to interpret the complications involved with medical malpractice and serious personal injury law for our readers. Whether or not our readers decide to pursue a case, we want the knowledge shared within the content on our website to lay the groundwork for their healing process.

The legal industry is recognized for its confusing methods of presenting facts, and Freedland Harwin Valori Gander wants to break down these complexities into easily understood explanations for various audiences.

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander’s Audience

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander website’s audience includes, but is not limited to;

  • People who are interested in retaining an attorney for their serious personal injury case
  • People who are interested in retaining an attorney for a suspected case of medical malpractice 
  • People who were hurt in an automobile accident
  • People who were injured due to an unsafe product or pharmaceutical product
  • People who have suffered due to another person’s (or persons) neglect or oversight 
  • People who have experienced highly impactful negative side effects tied to prescription drugs
  • People who have endured injury during or after childbirth, or their child was harmed during the course of the birthing process
  • People who are experiencing pain that may be linked to a product defect
  • People who want to know more about the system of personal injury claims
  • People who want information about the legal landscape that is neutral, detailed, and educational
  • People who are currently practicing attorneys exploring personal injury cases
  • People who are engaged in an ongoing personal injury case and have questions
  • People who want to stay up-to-date with Florida news regarding personal injury law, mass torts, class action lawsuits, and medical malpractice related matters
  • Members of the media, researchers and legal experts

Topical Coverage

The lawyers of Freedland Harwin Valori Gander have fought for their injured clients to receive over $2.6 billion in settlements. Accordingly, the content themes across this website spotlight informative articles within the area of serious personal injury law, with a focus on the following: serious automobile injuries, birth injuries, emergency room malpractice, failure to diagnose cancer, failure to treat cancer, hospital malpractice, IV infiltration injury, medication overdose, misdiagnoses or failure to diagnose, obstetrical malpractice, pharmaceutical malpractice, radiology malpractice, and surgical malpractice.

The legal team has built a positive reputation throughout the state of Florida as the most determined, steadfast advocates in the realm of medical malpractice. Their direct personal experience influences the topics on this website, including serious personal injury lawsuits, various medical malpractice lawsuits, class actions, and mass torts.

Readers will find regularly updated information throughout the Freedland Harwin Valori Gander website. Site updates are relevant to personal injury law, medical malpractice, descriptive articles covering the legal landscape, testimonials, results from past cases, and so much more.

Editorial Control

The four named partners at Freedland Harwin Valori Gander maintain editorial control of the content published on the website. They monitor the content creation process and do not condone the acceptance of content from outside sources. To remain an unbiased resource for our readers, the firm likewise does not permit external influences on website content or direction. The website does not accept money for advertising. The internal teams at Freedland Harwin Valori Gander are openly invited to submit feedback, opinions, information, and relevant reference articles to the partners, which may impact content across the website.

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander may review information and relevant articles provided by outside sources, but the website publishes only original content. The firm will authorize very few, if any, opinion pieces from outside influences as a set quality standard.

Reader Engagement

Readers are encouraged to contact Freedland Harwin Valori Gander with feedback and questions about any of the content found on Our firm is dedicated to helping people just like you, and we are here to support anyone who reaches out.

Editorial Integrity

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander considers the content below as guiding principles crucial for responsible legal journalism.


There is no room in the law for inaccuracy or misinformation. Accordingly, there is no room on this website for content that has not been confirmed by legal experts. As personal injury attorneys, we understand the need to develop content that helps our clients to make informed decisions. The four partners voraciously research all purported facts and items of interest in order to verify that which is offered to readers of the website.


Freedland Harwin Valori Gander makes a concerted effort to clearly identify sources when used for research and reference. Resource links are provided for readers to access additional information, which they may use to reach their own conclusions. Freedland Harwin Valori Gander only cites reputable sources, including government reports, peer-reviewed journals, academic organizations, court records, and other trusted publications.


Objective reporting is a product of neutrality. Our firm is always on the client’s side. As an aid for our advocating on behalf of a client, the information presented is always forthright and genuine. The four partners arrange the information throughout the website in a meaningful context that gets straight to the point.

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander Content Types

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander produces a volume of relevant content for our readers.

Evergreen Pages

These pages are written for the purpose of sharing materials reviewing Freedland Harwin Valori Gander’s practice areas, past cases, law firm history, qualifications, and attorneys.


The passages found in our Blog are regularly updated with the goal of teaching the public about the inner mechanics of personal injury law and medical malpractice litigation.

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander is a personal injury and medical malpractice law firm, which encompasses a wide range of situations. These are detailed throughout the site, so there is no question as to how we can best support you.

A guide publicly available to assist readers in mitigating the risks associated with surgery. The guide was built as a proactive resource to inform individuals throughout the surgical consultation process.

Areas We Serve

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander, has a medical malpractice law firm in Fort Lauderdale and  another in Coral Gables, South Florida. Find your closest legal representative to get the support you deserve.

This section shares unbiased client feedback and metrics from our past cases.

Get to know how our law firm operates by perusing these common questions.

Linking Policy

Freedland Harwin Valori Gander does not endorse outside parties to exercise directly pasting select pieces of website content but rather requests articles be shared in full and hyper-linked to the original source content in order to fully represent the accurate and valuable information contained therein. Freedland Harwin Valori Gander encourages external organizations, individuals, nonprofits, and other law firms to link to the Freedland Harwin Valori Gander website if they share our vision of educating the public on personal injury law or medical malpractice litigation.


Freedland Harwin Valori Gander seeks to correct any imprecise information in a timely manner. If you see an error anywhere on the site, please contact us to report the inaccuracy.