Video Transcript

The first time I met with Ashley and her mother and their son, Hunter, we were in a diner, and they had their case rejected by a number of other lawyers. But instinctively, she knew something had gone wrong during her labor and delivery, and she really wanted to understand why and what had been done that had led to her child suffering such a serious brain injury. Well, when Hunter was born, I started going into contractions and called the doctor. So they said, go ahead and go to the hospital. Ashley was given a medication which caused her uterus to become hyper stimulated, which meant the contractions were coming too quickly and they were too strong. And because of that, Hunter didn’t get the oxygen he needed. And the nurses and the physician failed to act timely in response to that. And when the baby came out, that’s when I knew. I knew something was wrong. It was bluish and grayish color. The color was wrong, and there was no movement. It was just a lump, normally. And you go through the classes where it’s skin to skin, and they give you the baby, and they put the baby on your chest, so you get that bonding moment, and it’s that beautiful moment, and I didn’t get that. I wanted to run in there and go see him and take care of him, and I couldn’t. Ashley walked into the hospital with a perfectly healthy baby. Less than 48 hours, he had suffered total brain damage. When he finally came home, it was. It was amazing. Hunter is an incredibly courageous and amazing little boy. And because we were able to secure a settlement on his behalf, it allowed Ashley to buy a new home for him, a home with a pool that provided the therapy he needs. And it allows Ashley to be not a nurse, but to be hunter’s mother. When we had gotten the phone call from Daniel that everything had finally. That we had settled and it was all over, I don’t. I think I stopped breathing for a moment. We were jumping up and down like little kids, the two of us, and everything. And we were just. We were so elated, you know, we celebrated, and then we came home and we cried because we were so happy. He has a lot less seizures now. A lot of that has to do with we’re able to get the medication that he needs that insurance won’t pay for. It’s been a long lesson. We’re okay with that, because now, I mean, I have an angel in my life that smiles every day and perfect. He’s absolutely perfect in every single way. For anyone to represent someone for five years and take the time to do it and not want, not want to kind of just get it out of the way and get it done with it was what was the best thing for Hunter and the rest of his life. They cared about Hunter. They cared about us. They cared about our family. It wasn’t about the case. It was about the people.