Video Transcript

A medical malpractice lawsuit in Florida can take a year or more to get all the way to a jury trial and that’s because there’s an extensive time period in gathering all the medical records to do the initial pre-suit investigation that is required by statute. Then there’s a statutory pre-suit period that delays the filing of the complaint by 90 days. Then when a complaint is filed, regular discovery has to be done again because everything in pre-suit was privileged. Then you work your way through the typical system, which can be several months up to a year before you typically would get your trial date. And that’s on average. There’s no set time, but that’s on average. But anytime you have a case that is more complicated factually or that has a lot of different parties on either side, it will take a longer time period to do that, to properly prepare the case, to get it trial ready, to get the highest and best outcome for the patient.