Video Transcript

Well, there are two deadlines that you have to be aware of. The first one is a two year statute that is based on when you knew or should have known, because a lot of times when there is medical negligence, you don’t realize there’s been a problem till much later. It’s not like a car accident where the car is hit and everyone knows it at that time. So from the point you knew or should have known of the potential for medical malpractice and an injury from it, two years starts running from that date. But there’s also another deadline that everyone has to be aware of because it can actually be a shorter deadline sometimes, and that is four years from the date of the malpractice itself. That’s called a statute of repose. So no matter when you found out about it, once four years has lapsed from the date of malpractice, your opportunity to file the laws, it is over, unless there’s been fraud. So if you were to find out three and a half years after it happened, you only have six months to file your lawsuit. So you have to be very aware of both deadlines and have a medical malpractice attorney who knows the area well.