Video Transcript

One of the most compelling things about Larry and Peggy is from the moment that you step into their home, you can see a history of their relationship, a history that goes back 50 plus years of the travel they did of their family, of loved ones, and their home really tells a story about who they are and the type of life that they built together.
My name is Larry Zieman. My name is Peggy Zieman. Well, to make a long story short, I got hurt. He had taken a pretty serious fall, gone to a local hospital, and ultimately, after a couple days, was discharged and ended up with a very serious and permanent spinal cord injury. And they came to us really looking for answers, trying to understand why this had happened and really whether this was something that ultimately could have been prevented had he been diagnosed in time. That’s how it all began. From there, therapy, therapy, therapy, getting me back. And it was a long, drawn process. Life’s been so good, man. Life’s been so good to me. And all of a sudden, man, I just set back. It makes you appreciate the things that before and after. I met Dan when I was in therapy, and he came, and right away, man, he just, it’s like a family member visiting you. I mean, it was just a connection, like a brother. Larry really isn’t a complainer. You know, there was times where we’d almost have to draw out of him the difficulties that he had. You know, really, throughout the course of litigation, even though he was the one that was injured, his focus was always on Peggy. His focus was always the impact that his injury had upon his wife. And you could see that every time you interacted with them. There was times when I said, Dan, Dan, I don’t know, but let’s just. Let’s settle. Let’s settle. He said, it’s your call. Now it’s your call, but you trust me. You trust me, and I never will forget. They said, it’s kind of like, before you answer any questions, it’s kind of like playing tennis. And when the ball is knocked over the net, you look at it and watch it coming, and you count every hair on that ball before you say a word. And I never will forget that. They changed my life through finances, of course, but. And the neat thing, they still check on me to see, how you doing? How you doing there? You spent some of that money yet? And I said, well, I’m working on it. I’m working on it. But it made life great for everybody. Nobody depends on us. You know, we’re self sufficient now. Whereas before, I didn’t know who was going to come around and help me pay my bills. And they thanked me. They thanked me for recommending him. And Dan has even thanked me for saying, hey, thanks for throwing a bone my way. But they’ve been a blessing, not only to me, but to other people.