Video Transcript

They cared about Hunter. They cared about us. They cared about our family. It wasn’t about the case. It was about the people. You know, I would highly recommend Freedland Harwin Valori to anyone that’s looking for, you know, legal assistance, because they were just wonderful. I don’t think that this is something that we would have been able to do by ourselves. I really thought I was treated as an individual. And now if you look out here and see all the people here and you realize you guys dealt with every one of them. I never seen our movie before, but I never had an attorney experience this nice. Now that the case is finished, now I can provide for my brother for the rest of his life. I was actually surprised. I really initially wasn’t going to pursue this. And then as it evolved and found out what was actually going on with everything, I was very, very happy with the way everything happened and the way I was contacted. I felt from the very beginning that they were, they knew much more than I did. They anticipated the questions I was going to ask them. They knew they were coming, which was very comforting to me. There was nothing over their heads at any time. They took a stand for what was right. That means everything. So we want our friends that go through situations where they need a good attorney to be able to know this firm stands for justice. I like their aggressiveness and how they actually went after the truth. They’ve been a blessing not only to me, but to other people. It.