Video Transcript

Wilbert’s family came to us. The most important thing to them was getting an answer to the question. Because Wilbert had gone into the hospital, he was told that it was a relatively benign medical procedure that was supposed to be performed on him, and that really, it was a couple days before Christmas and that he’d be home by Christmas, and he never woke up from that surgery normal again. Are you okay with that? Yes. He deal with pain on a daily basis because he suffered nerve damage. It’s difficult for him to pick up things, move around the bed and grab things. It takes him a little time because of the nerve damage that he suffers. What went wrong with the surgery was that this was a medical procedure that required Wilbert to be cooled. And in order for that cooling to take place, it required that cooling to take place for a certain period of time. And through our very detailed review of the medical records, we were able to determine that that period of cooling was significantly less than it was supposed to be. And that’s what caused the ultimate injury to his brain. I don’t think I would be able to stand in his shoes. I don’t think so. But I encourage him. At one point, I thought he wanted to give up. And I tell him, it’s gonna get better. It’s gonna get better. He’s a really strong guy. The case has been settled because we were able to secure a settlement on behalf of Wilbert and his family. They now were able to move into a new home. They now have full time nursing care. And are able to provide him all the care and treatment that he needs. As a result of his very serious medical condition then it’s not the best. He believed in my brother. He have come such a long way. He already has. You’re strong man. Yes, you are. I’m not used to asking anybody for help or to help me with my brother. I feel that’s my job and that’s my responsibility. He’s my responsibility and I love him. Now that the case is finished, now. I can provide for my brother for. The rest of his life.