Video Transcript

In a birth injury claim, there are still two basic forms of damages. There are the non-economic damages, which is the loss of capacity to enjoy life, the pain and suffering that the family experiences as a result of having to deal with the injuries that the child has experienced. But probably most importantly, are the economic component. And in order to do that, in order to prove those damages, it is critically important that you hire experts that can explain to a jury the cost of raising a child who has had a brain injury. In those instances, we hire a pediatric neurologist, we hire a physiatrist, and those experts will build out a life care plan to talk about the needs as that child, as they get older, what those needs will be, because few people really understand that a mother, when they have a child that has been injured, it is so important that that mom be allowed to be a mom and not have to be a central caretaker. So at our firm, we think it’s critically important to make sure that we obtain a settlement or a jury verdict that allows a mom to be a mom and not have to just be a caretaker for her child.