Video Transcript

Well, there are many ways for there to be medical misdiagnosis. Some examples from cases that I’ve worked on in the past includes where a gentleman came into a neurologist, and he actually had hydrocephalus, which is water on the brain, which is easily remedied by placing a shunt that drains the fluid. And instead he was told he had Parkinson’s disease. He was put on medication that not only would not help, it made things worse, and the actual problem that could have been alleviated was left, and it actually caused long term damage. That’s just one example. I also had a case where a gentleman had an infection from having been out fishing, and it was initially properly diagnosed as an infection. But then the doctor changed her mind, believed he had early rheumatoid arthritis, took him off of the antibiotics that would have been treated in the infection, put him on massive immunosuppressants for arthritis, and his body was overwhelmed by the infection, and he became crippled, lost body parts. And the doctors actually told his wife to get her affairs in order that he would not be leaving the hospital. He did survive, but in a gravely, gravely altered state. So there are numerous ways that a doctor can just get locked on to the wrong answer and stop pursuing the other opportunities when one of those other options is actually the truth.