Video Transcript

The best way to get the highest value for a birth injury case is really hiring lawyers that have handled complex birth injury cases. Oftentimes, unfortunately, we see in our field that there are certain firms or lawyers that if they don’t have the experience in handling these types of cases, it’s very difficult for them to understand the true value of a case. It’s very difficult for them to hire the experts that can explain to a jury what it costs to care for a child who has been profoundly damaged. So really, when you boil it down, the value of a case comes down to the experience of the lawyers and the law firm handling that case. One of the biggest effects on a birth injury settlement amount is the skill and experience of the lawsuit bringing it, because the defendants and the insurance companies and the healthcare providers on the other side know which law firms are experienced and will take a case to trial and can fund the case all the way through trial and the ones who don’t, also, the extent of damages of the child suffering obviously drive that. But no matter what the actual injury to the child, having the wrong law firm will cost the parents and the family the best settlement. And having the right law firm will drive up the value of the settlement to protect the family going forward.