Video Transcript

The birth injury lawsuit process is the same as a regular medical malpractice case because it is a medical negligence case. So it involves first realizing that there is an injury that may have resulted from medical negligence, then gathering all of the records that are relevant to that care, having them reviewed by a specialist or numerous specialists. It could be an obstetrician, it could be a midwife, it could be a labor and delivery nurse, it could be a charge nurse for their administrative staffing issues and having one or more of those experts identify the negligence that occurred and that caused or contributed to the child’s injury, then getting an affidavit to put the case into pre-suit, going through the statutory investigative process, then filing the lawsuit, engaging in the discovery, hiring the experts, taking depositions, creating graphics, getting the case to trial, and making it understandable to a jury that what may sound like very complex medicine is really a very simple case of people who owed an obligation, not doing their job, and causing other people to suffer because of it.