Video Transcript

So the discovery process in a medical malpractice case actually really begins in the pre-suit part of the case. So there is a 90 day investigative period before you can even file a lawsuit. And for those that have experience handling these types of cases, we realize that that’s the time that you really start to initiate the discovery. That’s the time where you begin to understand the fundamental facts and the flaws of what occurred on the other side and what the defendants, the doctor, the hospital did or didn’t do. Once the discovery process begins, after you have filed your complaint, that’s really where it comes down to having an experienced team that has handled medical malpractice cases, that knows where to look, that knows what to look for, that knows the appropriate and really vigorous written discovery, that has taken depositions of doctors and nurses and other healthcare providers. That process really, it really requires someone that knows what to look for and knows how to get it and understands the law on all of those issues.