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Chemical, or caustic, burns are physical injuries that can occur when the skin, eyes, or other body part comes into contact with a harsh chemical irritant such as an acid. Chemical burns are the body’s reaction to the chemical – a reaction that’s often very painful and permanently disfiguring. Chemical burns can happen in the workplace, at home, or anywhere where people hazardous chemicals are around. As the survivor of a serious chemical burn, you need a lawyer’s assistance to pursue maximum financial recovery. Freedland Harwin Valori, PL is here for you in your time of need.

Florida Chemical Burn Attorneys

Chemical burns are often the result of a workplace accident or a defective or dangerous product. If your injury occurred at work, talk to an attorney before agreeing to a any settlement. While workers’ compensation benefits don’t come with the burden to prove your employer’s fault, if your employer was negligent in causing your injury, it’s possible that you could receive greater compensation through a personal injury claim. You may also be able to bring claims against other parties.

Chemical cleaners, batteries, teeth-whitening products, and pool chlorination products are all common products at the root chemical burn claims. If any product gave you chemical burns, consider your eligibility for a products liability claim. If the chemical product was defective or did not include adequate warnings, you could receive compensation from the manufacturing company without having to prove negligence, through a cause of action for strict liability. It’s always worthwhile to explore your legal options with help from an attorney after a serious chemical burn injury.

Who Can You Hold Liable For a Chemical Burn Injury?

Anyone who owed you a duty of care, breached this duty, and caused your chemical burn could be liable for your injury. Liability refers to legal responsibility for the accident and related damages. Your employer, a product manufacturer, a property owner, and many other parties could all become defendants in a chemical burn injury claim. The defendant is the party from which you are claiming monetary damages.

After a serious injury from a chemical burn, you can pursue legal remedies such as financial compensation, changes in the defendant’s practices, and payment for your lost time at work. With a good lawyer, you can often settle your case without having to go to court. Retain seasoned trial attorneys just in case your claim does need to go to court for the best possible results. Chemical burns are often very serious, causing a great deal of pain and potentially permanent scarring. If you’re the victim of a chemical burn in Florida, don’t delay – call us today for a free evaluation.

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