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A motorcycle accident can impact a person’s life in profound, often permanent ways. It can cause serious, lasting injuries such as broken limbs and internal damage, along with potentially permanent nervous system effect, such as brain damage or a spinal cord injury. Motorcycle crashes can also result in long-term scarring and disfigurement due to severe scrapes and scratches due to road rash. Too often, distracted and negligent drivers cause motorcycle accidents that could have been easily prevented. If you were the victim of a serious motorcycle crash in Florida due to the negligence of others, contact the lawyers at Freedland Harwin Valori Gander, PL for legal counsel. We can help you fight for fair compensation.

The Devastating Nature of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are inherently vulnerable on the road, with very little protection from the road or other vehicles. Injuries are commonly severe, and often can be catastrophic or fatal. If victims survive motorcycle crashes, medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs can be steep – not to mention the physical pain and emotional suffering of such a major accident. Some of the most common motorcycle-related injuries are:

  • Head and traumatic brain injury. Florida law requires helmets for riders under the age of 21. If over the age of 21, riders can bypass the helmet requirement by taking out insurance policies providing for at least $10,000 in injury coverage. Please note that, even with a helmet, there is a high risk of head injuries in motorcycle crashes.
  • Broken bones. Broken bones, commonly occur in the legs and feet. The lower extremities are at risk for injuries due to striking other vehicles or the road. Broken bones can be very painful, require lengthy surgeries and rehab if severe, and result in a prolonged disability that may even be permanent.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries can render a rider paralyzed with no sensation or ability of movement in their extremities. Spinal cord injuries can occur if riders are thrown from their motorcycles, pinned beneath either vehicle, or crushed beneath a vehicle. There is currently no cure for serious spine injuries, and can drastically affect your quality of life negatively.

Lacerations, abrasions, bruising, and soft tissue injuries are also common in motorcycle collisions. Many survivors are never the same after a bad motorcycle crash. Even those who recover physically can suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and emotional distress or anguish, requiring therapy or rehabilitation. At Freedland Harwin Valori Gander, PL, we fight for victims who have been severely affected by those who were acting negligently. It’s our mission to secure the best possible compensation for injured motorcyclists in Florida.

Damages You Could Recover

The lawyers of Freedland Harwin Valori Gander, PL offer a professional level of care and legal assistance. The right attorney can give you the peace of mind to continue your claim with minimal stress, and give you the experience and knowledge necessary to maximize your recovery. With the legal team at Freedland Harwin Valori Gander, PL, you can feel confident entering negotiations with another driver’s insurance company – and we do not hesitate in taking a case to trial if that’s what it takes to recover fair compensation. You could recover damages such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost capacity to earn
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Call us today to consult with one of our Florida lawyers for free and start your journey toward recovery and closure.

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