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Florida Sexual Assault Lawyers

There is no more personal and damaging assault than sexual assault.  Generally, sexual assault describes any person physically touching another person in a sexual way that is unwelcome and unwanted. Sexual assault can be a crime but it also gives rise to a civil action for money damages.  Suffering any type of sexual abuse is traumatic and often leaves victims with significant physical, mental, and emotional damage. It’s imperative that sexual assault victims know what to do to protect their rights and hold their abusers accountable.

Legal Claims For Sexual Assault

The perpetrator of any sexual assault will likely be in police custody when the time comes for the victim to file a lawsuit but criminal charges are not necessary to bring a civil action. Because sexual assault is a serious crime, the offender will usually face criminal action from the state as well as civil actions from victims.

While it is a deeply personal decision, it is recommended that victims of sexual assault report the crime as soon as possible and provide law enforcement with as many details as possible. Suffering such an experience is traumatic, and providing the police with as much information as possible improves the chances of the offender meeting justice. Once the victim is able, he or she should reach out to an experienced attorney to start civil action against the offender.

Winning Your Case

As with any personal injury lawsuit, plaintiffs in sexual assault cases can seek compensation including:

  • Medical expenses. This can include hospital bills, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, ongoing therapy, and other recovery services.
  • Lost income. If the incident caused the victim to miss work, he or she may seek compensation for the wages lost in that time.
  • Pain and suffering. Likely to be the most substantial of a plaintiff’s compensation, pain and suffering compensation seeks to repay an injured victim for his or her physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional distress caused by the defendant’s behavior. There is no precise formula to calculate pain and suffering damages in civil claims and we rely upon the judgment of a jury or judge to determine that amount.
  • Punitive damages. In cases involving a defendant who behaved in an intentionally harmful or egregiously reckless manner, the jury may award punitive damages as a punishment. The amount of punitive damages typically hinges on the defendant’s financial status and the severity of the conduct.

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