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Florida Automobile Accident Lawyers

South Florida individuals and their loved ones injured in automobile accidents or mishaps involving trucks, motorcycles, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) or other vehicles often face ongoing legal, physical, health and emotional issues. The personal injury that often arises can result in critical and extensive medical care and long-term physical therapy.

The injured may miss work and/or be left with crippling, sometimes permanent physical or psychological disabilities that prevent them from working again. Such serious injuries including fractures (broken bones), spinal cord injury or paralysis, and traumatic brain injury can affect a person’s quality of life and result in endless pain and suffering.

If a person – passenger, driver or bystander – is killed in an automobile accident, the impact upon the surviving family and victim’s estate is dramatic and far-reaching. It can devastate the family’s or dependent’s very ability to maintain their own quality of life or pay for daily costs of living.

The search for justice, remedies, and damage claims following an automobile, truck, motorcycle or ATV accident can take victims down a long road. It’s one best traveled with experienced counsel.

The attorneys at Freedland Harwin Valori not only become our clients’ staunchest advocates in the pursuit of their rights following automobile accidents, we become their trusted allies. We are at our clients’ sides, ensuring their rights and interests are vigorously protected.

We have prevailed against car, truck and motorcycle manufacturers whose products were found negligent, against employers whose drivers were found at fault in serious automobile or truck accidents that resulted in our clients’ injury or a loved one’s death and insurance companies – even our clients’ own insurance providers – who were found responsible for damages but refused or were reluctant to pay or settle.

For more than a quarter century – and with more than a hundred years of combined legal experience – the Fort Lauderdale, Weston and Miami automobile accident attorneys at Freedland Harwin Valori have represented our clients in serious personal injury claims, damages or wrongful death resulting from automobile, truck, motorcycle and ATV accidents.

Those injured or the families of those killed in an automobile, truck, motorcycle or ATV accident face a long road to recovery – whether physical, emotional and financial. The attorneys at Freedland Harwin Valori are committed to traveling that road at our clients’ side.

If you were in an automobile accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or ATV accident in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Florida, contact The Law Offices of Freedland Harwin Valori for a free consultation by calling (954) 467-6400.

If You’re In a Collision…

  • Compose yourself; the scene will be chaotic. Check for injuries and make sure you and any passengers are OK.- Dial 911 if anyone is injured. If you have any doubt as to whether you suffered any injury, allow emergency medical personnel to transport you to the nearest hospital.
  • If injured, you may discuss the accident with a physician; your attorney will discuss the case with the insurance company. We advise that you speak with us first and do not speak with the insurance company yourself- not your own insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company. Anything you say to the police cannot be used against you in your personal injury case. However, anything you say to anyone else can. Never agree to give a recorded statement.
  • Photograph, note and otherwise document any damage to any vehicles and personal injuries. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses. Photograph the scene of the collision.
  • Note any injuries – whether those sustained during the collision (cuts, bruises or disorientation) or those arising in the days that follow (including dizziness, memory loss, back or neck ache, etc.). It is a good idea to keep a daily diary of the symptoms you are experiencing, any doctors appointments you have or schedule, any tests you receive and how your life has changed with respect to the things you can no longer do at all or find more difficult to do.
  • Regardless of fault, request that the responding police agency file a report.
  • Document any losses over time, from medical bills to lost wages. These may support claims or be recoverable.
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