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Florida Pharmacy Error Lawyers

Pharmacy errors are common in the United States, and some of these errors have disastrous consequences.

If you or a loved one suspect you have suffered injuries, illnesses, or worsened medical conditions due to a pharmacy error or other medication error, it’s vital to act quickly to protect your rights and maximize your chances of securing compensation for your losses. The right attorney can help build a strong case against a negligent drug manufacturer, supplier, prescribing doctor, or pharmacy.

Potential Defendants in a Pharmacy Error Case

Doctors must prescribe drugs responsibly. This means that a patient’s medical status justifies the prescription, and the doctor has taken the patient’s medical history into account to ensure an appropriate dosage and delivery method. If a doctor’s error leads to a dangerous drug interaction, inappropriate medication, incorrect dose, or unacceptable delivery method, the doctor may be liable for the patient’s damages.

Pharmacists have a responsibility to ensure accuracy in every filled prescription. Many drug names have similar spellings, so pharmacists must be careful to ensure each patient receives the appropriate medication in the correct dosage. If a pharmacy gives a patient the wrong dosage, fails to check for interactions with other medications or contraindications, the wrong medication, or the wrong delivery form (pill, syrup, etc.), the responsible party may face liability for the patient’s damages.

Caregivers who administer medications to patients must follow the prescribing doctor’s directions for every dose. Most pharmacies supply extensive documentation about a drug’s potential risks to each prescription. If a nurse administers medication in the wrong dosage, at incorrect intervals, or otherwise inappropriately, the nurse may be responsible in a civil action by the patient and his or her family.

Seek Legal Counsel in Florida

As with any type of legal issue, it’s imperative to act quickly after suffering harm from a pharmacy error in Florida. The attorneys at Freedland Harwin Valori, PL have of successfully represented clients in many types of civil actions, and our attorneys work closely with each client to provide the best representation possible. Call us today for more information about our firm or to schedule a case evaluation with one of our attorneys.

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